D.I.Y. Wealth Vase Kit * NEW*
$125 + tax

The Wealth Vase is one of the oldest feng shui abundance cures. Its origins date back several thousands of years to ancient Tibet, China and other countries.

This kit includes the Vase and all of the ingredients you need to fill your very own wealth vase with intention, as well as a copy of the Complete Guide to Feng Shui Crystals and detailed instructions on how to 'Do it Yourself!'.

Vase measures approximately 7-inches tall (with lid on) and 4-icnhes across at the widest part.)

(Note: To keep shipping costs down, buyer must supply their own rice and soil.)

Learn about Wealth Vase Workshops: Click here.

Learn about the Wealth Vase in this Video


On a recent trip to Calgary, Alberta, Canada, I presented three wealth vase workshops through Feng Shui Market. The workshops caught the attention of the local cable TV channel and resulted in this great promotional video. Click here (or on the graphic above) to watch it and learn more about this fun workshop and the Wealth Vase Kit.

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