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Crystals of the BTB Bagua Note Cards

The Crystals of the Bagua Greeting Cards are a perfect way to send notes of thanks, congratulations or best wishes to your friends and clients. Select the image relating to a specific Life Sector and empower your intention to extend heartfelt gratitude or best wishes!

Cards measure 5 X 7-inches and are printed on glossy card stock paper. (Includes envelope.) REGULAR $4.00 NOW $1.00 EACH + tax


Blue Crystal/Books Card:
Blue is the colour associated with the Skills & Knowledge and/or Career & Life Path sectors of the BTB Feng Shui bagua. Books have been used as a visual representation of higher learning, success and inspiration, providing an excellent backdrop for a sparkling blue crystal sphere.

Clear Crystal/Swirling Energy Card: This clear crystal is creatively positioned in front of a hand-blown glass bowl. This unique ‘object de art’ was selected because its colours and design represent the free-flowing, undulating nature of water – the natural element for the Career & Life Path sector of the BTB Feng Shui bagua.

Clear Crystal/Globe Card: Items that are made of metal, round in shape and associated with the heavens make excellent Feng Shui enhancements for the Helpful People & Travel sector of the BTB bagua. This photograph of a clear crystal framed by a globe meets all of the above criteria, making it a powerful symbol for this important Life Sector. Bon Voyage!

Green Crystal/Plant Card: According to BTB Feng Shui, the colour green represents growth and new beginnings and is associated with the Family sector of the bagua. A jade plant provides an appropriate representation of the Wood Element for the backdrop of this beautiful emerald green crystal.

Yellow Crystal/Fruit Card:Yellow and earth tones are the colours associated with the Health Sector of the BTB Feng Shui bagua. This bowl of fresh fruit cradling a vibrant yellow crystal represents Health.

Clear Crystal/ Paintbrushes Card: White is the colour associated with the Children & Creativity area of the BTB Feng Shui bagua. We have positioned some paintbrushes in this photograph to remind you that this Life Sector is not just for (or about) kids … it is about nurturing the ‘child’ within all of us!

Purple Crystal/Golden Buddha Card: Purple is associated with Royalty … so it makes perfect sense that it represents wealth and prosperity according to BTB Feng Shui! With a gorgeous purple crystal in the foreground and a brass ‘money pot’ Buddha in the background, this photo is a great representation of Prosperity.

Red Crystal/Candle Card: Red is considered to be the most powerful colour in Feng Shui and it can be used as an enhancement in three Life Sectors of the BTB Bagua: Wealth & Prosperity, Fame & Reputation and Love & Relationships. This photograph, with a single burning candle, is related to the Fame sector … where the element is fire and you are Number One!

Pink Crystal/Roses Card: Pink isn’t just for little girls … it is the primary colour of the Love & Relationship sector of the BTB Feng Shui bagua. When adding an enhancement to this are of the bagua you want to consider things in pairs. We selected two delicate pink roses for this photograph to illustrate this.

Red Roses Card:
Red is considered to be the most powerful colour in BTB Feng Shui and it is often used as a cure to define a space or symbolically stop an energy drain. Red may mean ‘Stop!’ but it is also a great ch’i enhancer to get things going. It can be used to boost energy in the Prosperity, Fame, and Love & Relationships sectors of the BTB Bagua.


Outdoor Crystal Card:
Any colour of crystal can be hung outside in a tree or on any man-made structure, such as an arbor or gazebo. Their energy-enhancing qualities, acknowledged in BTB Feng Shui, are just as effective outdoors as they are indoors … and they sparkle magnificently in the sunshine.


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