Feng Shui Crystals Sale

Beautiful Swarovski 32% Leaded Crystals

40 mm size now on sale!

Save 25% on a limited selection of coloured crystal balls.

Call (250-218-4952) or email for details on availability.

Swarovski Crystal

Crystals are a powerful Feng Shui cure because they  emit and absorb energy vibrations. When used as a cure, the crystal helps disperse negative energy. When used as an enhancer, they boost positive energy.

Are all crystals created equal?

Absolutely NOT! Some spheres that look like leaded crystals are made of inexpensive plastic or glass. This type of sphere has no energy curing properties and will not absorb nor refract energy with the same vitality.

Be sure to purchase Feng Shui crystals that are the finest quality leaded crystal. Swarovski 32% leaded crystals are the most commonly used and most highly recommended.

Two Sizes ~ Clear or Coloured




  • 30 mm: $25.00
  • 40 mm - SOLD OUT


  • 30 mm Coloured = $30 SALE $22.50
  • 40 mm Coloured = $40 SALE $30


Love & Relationships SOLD OUT
Red: Fame or Prosperity or Love & Relationships
Yellow: Health
Blue: Skills & Knowledge or Career SOLD OUT
Green: Family
Violet: Prosperity

Note: Prices do not include tax or shipping.

Please send an email with your purchase requests or call 250.218.4952.
Thank you.

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