Three Secrets Reinforcement

You can bring an element of spirituality into play when performing feng shui cures by concluding with a blessing. You may create your own blessing – based on your personal religious beliefs – or you may use the traditional BTB Feng Shui ‘Three Secrets Reinforcement’ method. Which uses body, mind and speech to enhance your intention:


MUDRA: A hand gesture, to express the power of the body

MANTRA: Speech – Sacred words or prayer to express your voice

MIND: Visualize the intended result to express your mind


MUDRA: Women should use their right hand (Yin) and men should use their left hand (Yang) to perform the mudra. Start by bending your two middle fingers (see below) and placing them on your thumb while holding the other two fingers out. Flick your fingers open and closed nine, 18 or 27 times while saying the mantra or a prayer.

MANTRA: The most common Three Secrets Reinforcement mantra is Om Ma Ni Pad Me Hum (pronounced ohm-mah-nee-pahd-me-whom). This mantra is referred to as The Six True Words or The Mantra of Compassion. Repeat the mantra as you perform the mudra nine, 18 or 27 times.

Loosely translated, the mantra means: “I bow to the jewel. I see the God within you and bow to acknowledge that light.” These words are believed to attract the power of completion and compassion and correct negative thoughts. If you feel uncomfortable using this mantra, any other personal prayer or blessing may also be used, but be sure to repeat it nine, 18 or 27 times.

MIND: Visualize the result happening step by step, including the beginning, middle and end. Invoke the five senses to make it real. Remember, if you focus on all the difficult challenges to achieve this goal, then that is what you will manifest – difficult challenges.


Repeat the mudra, mantra and mind reinforcements (visualizations) simultaneously, for any multiple of nine times.


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Honouring the Red Envelope Tradition

When paying for your Feng Shui consultation Terri Perrin requests that you honour the age-old ritual of enclosing your payment in red envelopes. Here’s why:

Those who practice and teach Black Sect Tantric Buddhist (BTB) Feng Shui respectfully follow the red envelope ritual as taught by Professor Lin Yun, founder of BTB Feng Shui. When your Feng Shui Consultant provides cures and guidance, he or she is sharing sacred knowledge, energy and divine wisdom beyond worldly scope with you. The red envelope ritual is believed to serve two purposes:

  1. To show the giver’s sincere intention and respect for the sacred knowledge.
  2. To protect the teacher or consultant from being punished for revealing sacred information.

The ritual itself has its roots in the traditional Chinese folk customs and cultures.

  • The color red symbolizes good luck and power.
  • Red is used for celebrations and to drive away evil spirits.
  • The rectangular shape of the red envelope resembles that of ancient shields and symbolizes protection.

Based on the aforementioned beliefs, it is considered a gesture of appreciation to present a number of new red envelopes, each containing a token amount of money, to the person who is sharing sacred Feng Shui knowledge with you. In most cases, 9 red envelopes are presented. Any size or type of red envelope will do. If, however, you are unable to find any, we can provide some to you.

To strengthen and increase the effectiveness of the transcendental cures, the Feng Shui Consultant will put the red envelopes you give under his/her pillow at night and perform the “Three Secrets Reinforcement” before (or after) sleeping. In the morning, the money is removed from the envelopes, donated to charity, given to one’s teacher or used for personal purposes.

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