Feng Shui Fact
Everything in the universe - even inanimate objects, like furniture, stones and buildings - has energy or "life force."

In Feng Shui, this life force energy is called 'Chi' (pronounced Chee).

Knowing this, everything in your environment - from furniture, artwork, ornaments and plants - can be arranged to balance energy and improve the Chi.



What is Feng Shui?

Feng Shui is pronounced “Fung Schway.”

Feng Shui is based on 4,000-year old Chinese wisdom relating to balancing negative and positive energy. Early philosophers recognized that there was a direct correlation between an individual’s energy and the energy in their environment.

In Feng Shui, energy is referred to as Chi. (Pronounced ‘Chee.’)

It is believed that if you improve the balance of Chi in your surroundings, you can also improve your personal energy and in doing so, positively affect your health, happiness and prosperity.

Feng Shui is comprised of two Chinese words:

Feng (wind) and Shui (water)

Wind (or air) and water are essential for any living being to sustain life.

Like wind and water, the principles of Feng Shui involve: movement, flow, circulation, and energy.

When everything in your environment is positive, balanced and loved, you will feel the benefits of Feng Shui!

Feng Shui is:

  • The art of clearing clutter
  • Purposely re-arranging your environment
  • Placing symbolic items with the intention of creating change

Feng Shui is not based on superstition or religion. It is, however, is based on FAITH. Faith that the universe will provide for you and that you deserve a life of excellent health, extraordinary happiness and great prosperity!

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