Don't just wish for change..

Make changes happen!


"Terri shared her Feng Shui knowledge with me during a 'lunch and learn' at my office. It was my first introduction to Feng Shui and I was fascinated. After the short lecture I applied some of the principles in my office and experienced amazing results! Thanks!"
— RF

"Terri is a very dedicated and enthusiastic student [of Feng Shui].  Her skills of understanding how energy moves around your space is truly amazing and a great asset to her.  Her intuition is guided by extensive knowledge of BTB Feng Shui."
— Dawn Hankins
Feng Shui Instructor, Mount Royal College & Author: The Forces Behind Feng Shui

"Thank you so much for your Feng Shui assessment of my home and garden.  I appreciated your combination of knowledge, professional demeanour and enthusiasm.  Teaching me that change is fun was the best! Some positive changes in my life took place immediately. I now look forward to my future with new eyes and will never look back!  Is it tomorrow yet?"
Patty Minall, Calgary, Alberta

"When I heard that Terri had chosen me as one of her “test subjects” [to complete her Feng Shui Consultant Certification through Mount Royal College], I was thrilled to participate. In my mind, Terri does everything all the way. No half-way for her!

"She came to our home, interviewed me, toured the house, made honest and interesting comments on what was good and what needed adjustment according to the world of Feng Shui. When we were done (this took over an hour), she said she would be back soon with a complete presentation on what was workable and what was not.

"Again, I was completely impressed with the professional binder she brought back and we discussed each and every item she had drawn attention to, good or bad. It was an extremely professional presentation and I would not hesitate for a moment to recommend Terri for consultation with anyone who might be interested in Feng Shui."
— Susan Wright, Calgary, Alberta

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