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Feng Shui is not a religion. It is, however, based on faith. Faith that the universe will provide for you and that you deserve a life of excellent health, extraordinary happiness and great prosperity.

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About Us

Fine Art of Intention™ Feng Shui Consulting is owned and operated by Terri Perrin and is based in the Comox Valley, British Columbia.

Perrin was certified as a Feng Shui Consultant at Mount Royal University, Calgary, Alberta, in 2008.

Committed to continual learning and expanding her knowledge of Feng Shui, Terri Perrin is a member of the International Feng Shui Guild and Feng Shui Connections Canada. She is also proud to have been a student and disciple of Grandmaster Thomas Lin Yun, having attended his international conference in Calgary, Alberta, in August 2009.

With Professor Lin’s passing in August 2010, Perrin was in search of a new spiritual mentor. She found that leadership with one of the Professor’s most acclaimed disciples – David Daniel Kennedy. Kennedy is a best-selling author of several feng shui books and is one of the most well-respected feng shui consultants in North America. Perrin in honoured to have attended several of Kennedy’s workshops and was one of only eight people worldwide who participated in an intense 12-week mentorship program over the summer and fall 2011.

Terri Perrin is also an award-winning freelance writer.
Learn more about her writing career and services at:
www.terriPERRINink.com or contact by email.

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