Terri Perrin (centre) poses with her esteemed Feng Shui teachers and mentors, HH Grandmaster Professor Lin Yun and HH Crystal Chu Rinpoche, both of the Yun Lin Temple in California.  
History and Schools of Feng Shui

Various schools of Feng Shui have developed, each related to different times in history, geographical regions and languages. In Asian culture, traditional Feng Shui evolved into two main schools (or philosophies):

Landform Feng Shui developed using the geographical surroundings of a specific location. It takes into consideration the proximity to such things as mountains and moving water, and reading the lay of the land to find the most auspicious location for a home or business.

Compass Feng Shui employs a physical compass to diagnose key directions of the home and relate them to the residents through astrological calculations in relation to the date and time of birth of the head of the household.

BTB Feng Shui

“BTB” is an acronym for Black Sect Tantric Buddhist.

BTB Feng Shui was developed in the United States in the 1980s, by Grandmaster Thomas Lin Yun. Although Grandmaster Lin Yun is a Buddhist who was initially trained in China, it is important to note that you do not have to worship Buddha in order to understand or utilize BTB Feng Shui.

While respecting the strength of the traditional schools, BTB Feng Shui has been adapted to suit North American culture and takes the individual characteristics of your living (or working) space into consideration.

An essential difference between BTB Feng Shui and other schools is that BTB metaphorically uses intention and visualization to give power to cures or enhancements applied to your surroundings.

In creating BTB Feng Shui, Grandmaster Lin Yun has been credited with beautifully blending traditional Feng Shui with Western culture, architecture and natural science, without sacrificing the integrity of the ancient schools.

All Fine Art of Intention™ resource materials have been developed using the principles of BTB Feng Shui.

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