Feng Shui Fact
The first, and one of the most important steps in applying Feng Shui principles to your home or workspace is to clear your clutter. This will have an immediate and positive impact on the flow of energy.

Fine Art of Intention™

Feng Shui can improve your life.
Fine Art of Intention™ shows you how!

There are various ways you can apply Feng Shui to create change. Your actions are believed to represent only 30 per cent of the process. Your intention represents the remaining 70 per cent.

Through interactive workshops and one-on-one consultations, Certified Feng Shui Consultant, Terri Perrin, demonstrates how Feng Shui and the Fine Art of Intention™ combine to balance and harmonize the natural flow of energy in your home, garden or business.

Our Logo:

The Fine Art of Intention™ logo puts a new spin on the universally recognized Yin/Yang symbol of balance! We’ve taken the Yin/Yang circle and given it a twirl… to simulate movement and change. The open hands, on the edge of the graphic, are symbolic of the need to “open your hands and heart to help yourself and others.”

We have selected the colour green for the graphic because it symbolizes growth and new beginnings. The colour purple is used for the lettering, as this is representative of prosperity. The graphic and lettering combine to form a pyramid-shape… a symbol of fire, relating to fame and reputation.

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